Questions to ask yourself about cohousing

Do you have ecological values?

Would you like to benefit from the ecological and financial
advantages of sharing some facilities with other households?

Would you like to live somewhere you know, share values and
socialise with your neighbours?

Do you want a social life you don’t have to plan in advance?

Would you like to share a large social, cooking, dining and outdoor

Would you like to eat regular shared vegetarian or vegan meals?

Would you like to have a home designed for changing physical needs?

Would you be happy for your car use to be limited to sharing or using a car pool?

Would you be pleased to contribute about ten hours a month of work, to keep the community running smoothly?

What are your expectations of how life will be there? Are they realistic?

What challenges do you feel you would face around collaboration and sharing?

What benefits do you feel you would experience?

What will you bring to contribute?