Halton Senior Cohousing Project

Halton Mill, Mill Lane, Halton, Lancaster, Lancashire UK   LA2 6ND

The Halton Senior Cohousing Project is 3 miles north of Lancaster on the River Lune.  Cohousing is a creative response to Ageing.  Each household is personal and private but residents come together to manage their community and share activities.  It is an opportunity to step back in time to when everyone knew their neighbours and had the support of the local village.  But we will be modern in the sense that our Passiv Haus construction is an environmentally friendly way to keep warm and dry without costing the earth.  

We are looking for people interested in this lifestyle, 55 and over.  Contact us at:-  haltonseniorcohousing@gmail.com

Video of site

Video of Lune and Hydro


Halton Senior Cohousing Company Registration Number: 11284597

Registered Office: Halton Mill, Mill Lane, Halton, Lancaster, Lancashire. LA2 6ND.