Who We Are

Twelve people of varying ages (all over 55), some couples and some singles, currently make up our membership.  There have been workshops with Ecoarc of Kentmere (our appointed architect) to determine how many dwellings will suit the land and to design draft floor plans.  We have discussed what we want in our Common House, deciding on shared laundry, kitchen, dining, lounge, conservatory, guest rooms and, of course, a shared garden.  Being environmentally friendly was important to us, so we chose PassivHaus standard (Eden Insulation of Appleby are the suppliers).  This means our homes will be warm and dry with minimal heating needed due to the excellent insulation and air tightness.  An air circulation system brings in fresh air every 20 minutes which is warmed by the outgoing stale air.  We have plans to link in with the hydro-electric scheme on the River Lune.  From time to time we meet socially to discuss guidelines for our community and get to know one another better. 

photo of our group
Summer Soclal 2018

Would you like to become a member? Members are invited to social events and design workshops and will have first choice of home when they are built. Contact us for more information.