May 2016: Six people met to discuss the possibility of a cohousing project in Halton for seniors. A site was potentially available. Chris offered his support and expertise. Later we appointed him as project manager.

July 2016: A talk by Maria Brenton on senior cohousing to introduce the idea to interested people.

2017: Several publicity events and workshops to meet our architect for design work, to discuss issues with our solicitor, and possible loans from Ecology Building Society. Grant received from Lancaster City Council via the Community Led Housing Fund. Feasibility study completed.

2018: Opened a bank account and became a Registered Limited Company. Web site set up. Social events organised to get to know each other.

2019: First AGM held. New directors elected. Purchase of land negotiated on an Option Agreement.

2020: June 12th, Final planning application submitted to Lancaster City Council. Well done to our project manager, Chris, for putting all those reports, statements, and drawings together.


Deposits on the units will be required in due course: We will require a 20% deposit on the home you wish to move into once we have received final planning permission. Deposits will be based on the indicative prices from the feasibility study. Unsold units will be available on a first come, first served basis after this. There will be 2 affordable rented flats for those who meet the criteria.