2022 Sept : Due to unprecedented rises in construction costs over the past 12 months, we have had to reassess the viability of the current scheme and are considering what options we have going forward.

2022 July: Stage 2 Tender process finally complete

2022 January: Stage 2 Tender process starts with preferred contractor

2021 December:  Forge Lane adopted by Lancashire County Council.

2021 September : Contractors interviewed.  Preferred contractor chosen.  Work to commence on Value Engineering Options.  Weekend Retreat/Workshop held.

2021 April : Social zooms were introduced in order to meet and get to know potential new members.

2021 March: Land purchase completed.  Awaiting land registration.  Celebration!

2021 February: Deposits contributed from members who wished to earmark the unit they are interested in.  Commenced General Meetings as we develop skills needed to manage our site when we move in and to invite new interested people to attend in order they may see how we work together with consensus agreement and conflict resolution.

2020 December :  We received draft planning permission from Lancaster City Council.  There are just a few more tasks to complete and then we are good to go.

2020: June 12th, Final planning application submitted to Lancaster City Council. Well done to our project manager, Chris, for putting all those reports, statements, and drawings together.

2019: First AGM held. New directors elected. Purchase of land negotiated on an Option Agreement.

2018: Opened a bank account and became a Registered Limited Company. Web site set up. Social events organised to get to know each other.

2017: Several publicity events and workshops to meet our architect for design work, to discuss issues with our solicitor, and possible loans from Ecology Building Society. Grant received from Lancaster City Council via the Community Led Housing Fund. Feasibility study completed

July 2016: A talk by Maria Brenton on senior cohousing to introduce the idea to interested people.

May 2016: Six people met to discuss the possibility of a cohousing project in Halton for seniors. A site was potentially available. Chris offered his support and expertise. Later we appointed him as project manager.